How to Play


Start the Game

5 hidden players

At midnight, 5 new hidden players will become available to find, their estimated value and preferred position listed at the top and bottom respectively. Your goal is to guess as many of the players as possible within 20 attempts.


Guess a Player

Search & Auto-Complete


To guess a player, begin typing their name using the provided keyboard. As you type, suggestions will appear, use the arrows to navigate the suggestions. When your desired player is highlighted, hit the "Guess" button.


Match Traits

Compare Player Guess

If your guessed player has matching traits with the hidden players, such as nationality, club, age, or shirt number, those traits will be revealed. Use this information to help narrow down your future guesses.


Find Players

Correct Guesses

A correct player guess will reveal their name and highlight them in green. However, if your guess is incorrect, regardless of whether the player has any matching traits, you will lose a life.


Use Hints

Reveal Hidden Traits


At any point in the game, you can use one of 3 hints to reveal a hidden trait. Click the "Hint" button and select the trait to uncover. Hints can be crucial for winning, be strategic when using them.


Win the Game

Streaks & Awards

To win the game, you must find all 5 hidden players before losing your 20 lives. Winning the game counts toward your win streak, provided you won the previous day's game. If you don't win, you can still make progress and receive awards for completing other challenges.


Share Your Score

Challenge Your Friends

⚽ FootyFortunes #27 - 3/5

Prove your skills by sharing your results on social media or challenging friends to beat or match your score.